Snapshots from the Southwest
Composer/Choreography Competition

The GVSU New Music Ensemble, Dance Ensemble, and College Art Gallery has commissioned all members of the composition/dance studios to create short micro-works in response to the gallery show
Enduring Traditions: History and Meaning in Southwest Pueblo Indian Pottery. All works will be performed 2/28/10 in the large dance studio, while images of the pottery are projected. In addition, four prizes will be given to the best works as determined by a jury. 1st-$250, 2nd-$150, 3rd-$50 and an audience prize-$50 (all to be split between composer/choreographer). Award winners and other selected entries will receive an additional performance on the 3/30/10 New Music Ensemble concert.

Composers—you will be assigned 3-4 choreographers. It is up to you to contact them immediately so you can start working on your pieces.

Required instrumentation: flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, 2 percussion (player 1-marimba, triangle, glockenspiel, 2 toms, player 2-vibraphone, ride cymbal, snare, woodblock, bass drum w/kick pedal,) All musicians must at least play once for each piece.

Duration: 30-60 seconds. Not one nanosecond under or over.

Scores/Parts: Must be impeccable. Must be completed using music notation software, 8.5 x 11, portrait display. DO NOT BIND. Scores must be double-sided.

Each ANONYMOUS score must identify the image you responded to (put in parenthesis under title).

Deadline: All materials must be delivered to Dr. Ryan’s mailbox by noon, Monday February 1, 2010.

• Music must be entirely acoustic (i.e. no amplification, electronic playback, etc.)
• While the works must be very brief, experimental and creatively ambitious music is encouraged.
• You must enter three works. Each must be a response to a different, single image.
• Any works that do not adhere to the above requirements will be eliminated from performance and prize consideration.
• Composers: This project is 25% of your grade for this semester.

Concert details:


• Dress rehearsal TBA
• Sunday February 28, 2010
Large Dance Studio, PAC
All submissions performed


• Dress Monday March 29, 7-10 pm
• Concert March 30, 7pm
Large Dance Studio, PAC
Prize-winners, plus select entries performed

Suggested Strategies

View photos of pottery
Listen to audio from another micro-composition event
HERE (Robin Cox Ensemble playing UCLB student one minute wonders)
Go hang out in the art gallery amid the pottery. Observe. Absorb. Enjoy.

1. Thoroughly investigate the artwork and artist. Can you find more information on it, about the circumstance around its creation?
2. Will you support the image as if it were a film? Or will you draw more abstract inspiration from it—color, line, texture, etc, or both?
3. What will your process be with the choreographers?