During the time our ensemble has been active, there have also been many talented student composers going through GVSU. We commissioned three recent graduates, Adam Cuthbert, Matt Finch, and Daniel Rhode, and they created a beautiful album of compositions that blend the line between acoustic and electronic music. Our fourth CD is a 100% home-grown project rooted in the people and culture of our ensemble, while at the same time synthesizing the new experiences of the three composers.

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Matt Finch, Daniel Rhode, Adam Cuthbert

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After discussions started in 2015, in fall 2016 we started to receive material from the composers. We rehearsed and sent them recordings. They revised, further explored ideas, discarded others. Repeat. By May 2017 we had delivered a mountain of audio, and they went to work in their studios.

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Darwin McMurray, Makenzie Mattis, Ryan Schmidt

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Kirk McBrayer

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Adam in his studio

As July hit, Randy Merrill put the final polish on the album at his studio at Sterling Sound. Michael Cina took care of the package art and design, and our amazing label Innova Recordings took care of duplication (and lots of other things). We brought PR experts Unfinished Side Productions on board to help get the word out, and commissioned Four/Ten Media for a video using the title track. Meanwhile Naxos is making sure it will be distributed to all corners of the planet.