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Alarm • Album of the Week

The result is an interpretation that pays fierce tribute to the original yet is a brand-new way to experience In C. -
Alarm Magazine. Complete review

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Resident Advisor

Of the several interpretations that this writer has heard, this is the one which stands out the most, both in terms of originality and conceptual depth.
- Daniel Petry, Resident Advisor. Complete review

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It’s a landmark classical piece and this new performance by the Grand Valley State University New Music Ensemble is arguably, the finest I’ve heard. The collaborative effort is a worthy one that has turned out something truly sublime and one that all fans of music should seek out. - Bryen Sanchez, Complete review

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Sequenza 21

Irrespective of genre, GVSU NME’s latest rendition of Terry Riley’s In C is one of the best live albums released in 2010. - Christian Carey, Sequenza 21. Complete review

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Soul Kitchen

Poorly translated from French) This version of the major piece of Terry Riley differs in that Dennis DeSantis reworked the sound constantly, interacting with the musicians. So we feel more than all previous editions of a protean work that this one comes to life and renewed as and as such the phoenix rising from its ashes. - Soul Kitchen. Complete review

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Of all the manifold versions of 'In C' out there, this certainly makes a case for being one of the more distinctive and modern readings, bristling with intelligent electronic augmentations that result in an interesting line in abstract rhythms. - Boomkat. Complete review