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NPR MUSIC • 100 Best Songs of 2017 (glass surface, by Daniel Rhode)

This hybrid pearl by Daniel Rhode was born with purely acoustic instruments in mind, then the young composer took it into the studio for electronic "tailoring." -
Tom Huizenga. Complete list
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ANEARFUL • The Best Albums of the 2010's, Top 25 Album of 2017

Greatness ensued when homecoming kings Adam Cuthbert, Matthew Finch and Daniel Rhode composed pieces for the avant-garde experts at their alma mater then brought the recordings back to the lab for this immersive collection of post-ambient, post-minimalist chamber music.
Decade list 2017 list
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Calming, alluring and sophisticated all at once, RETURN marks a high point for Ryan, his ensemble and former students. -
Tom Huizenga. Complete review
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A stunning set of compositions...A fusion of two worlds coming together in an exceptional way. -
Peter van Cooten. Complete review
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Saul Steinberg's famous New Yorker cover showing a supposed void between America's coasts should be redrawn with a giant neon sign pointing to Allendale, MI, where this estimable band has been plying its trade since 2006. -
Jeremy Shatan. Complete review
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BIG TAKEOVER MAGAZINE astounding album composed by three of the University program’s graduates...It breaks down the boundaries of time to create something that respects the past while wholly residing in the present and even future. -
Chuck Foster. Complete review
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Electronic chamber music from this lauded ensemble, with the musicians sampling the notation for a stunning, innovative sound.