Since 2014 we have been commissioning composers for music inspired by our national parks. After touring the music in in the parks in 2014 and 2016, we returned home to record eleven of these works. Thoughtful, beautiful music from David Biedenbender, Betsey Biggs, Rob Deemer, Alexandra Gardner, Patrick Harlin, Jeff Herriott, Molly Joyce, Phil Kline, Paula Matthusen, Niko Schroeder, and Ashley Stanley, all reflecting the natural landscapes of our national parks.

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We recorded all the music over three days at Solid Sound in Ann Arbor, Michigan with Eric Wojahn and Josh Wiechmann working as the recording engineers. Our good friend Silas Brown at Legacy Sound (who has worked on three of our previous albums) expertly mastered the recording.

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Reese, Kevin, Karsten record

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Ensemble dinner

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Hannah records

Thanks to a Project Grant from New Music USA we were able to finish production. Jim Fox took care of the package art and design, and our amazing label Innova Recordings took care of duplication (and lots of other things). We brought PR experts Unfinished Side Productions on board to help get the word out, and Naxos is making sure it will be distributed to all corners of the planet.