New chamber works incorporate the recorded voices of important 20th Century composers. Performances and history lessons for all.

We are commissioning eight composers to create works that utilize the actual speaking voice of an important 20th Century composer. The commissioned composers have chosen someone that has had a strong impact on their own work--due to their music, writings, teaching, mentorship, or other influence. Each work will be 5-8 minutes in duration, and will be written for ensemble (flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, percussion) and an electronic backing track that incorporates the 20th Century composer's speaking voice in some way. The speaking source material will either already exist, or will be recorded specifically for this project.
The composers:

Anna Clyne (John Cage)
Michael Lowenstern (James Brown)
Marc Mellits (Steve Reich)
Todd Reynolds (Meredeth Monk)
Gyan Riley (Terry Riley)
Sarah Kirkland Snider (Arvo Pärt)
This project is made possible thanks to a New Music USA Project Grant. They're hosting our project website, with lots more info and updates as we put this together.
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We premiere these works throughout our 2015/16 season. Watch here for details!